Training With Respect & Understanding

    That was some of the best $ I've ever
    spent.  Having him do the 2 weeks stay
    with you and training.  He's doing
    great.  He's still very obedient, and he
    knows his commands.
    I'd do it again in a HEART beat.
    JM in Placerville about her dog 'Tytin'
Thank you for
teaching my
parents how to
use my       
special abilities -
and give me
goodies at the
same time!

Lots of Love,
You're da bomb, Cherie!
Thanks for running me through Agility For Fun when Mom
couldn't because of her messed up knee.
You're lots more fun cuz you can run faster than her!  Look
forward to being a STAR!!
Lots of jumps,

I was very scared when
Mom first brought me to
meet you.  But with your
patience & kindness I am
feeling a lot better about
myself!  It's tough being
so small!
Warm Licks,
Dear Cherie~

I want to thank you SO much for putting together a
large dog play group.  Samson and Gunther (English
Mastiff puppies) are able to romp and play without
worrying me that the other dog will be trampled.
Plus, Thursday nights are my best night's sleep!!!

After having Samson in obedience classes since he was
4 months old, I can now start to see that all of the
lessons are sticking.  It's the best feeling in the
world to know that all of our hard work is paying off!
I'm looking forward to Gunther going through the same


Vanessa, Samson and Gunther
We had moved from AZ to CA when Chance was about a
year old and he had not had much training and was
bossing me around like crazy. I had asked my vet in Santa
Cruz if she could recommend a trainer who was positive,
fair, consistent and fun to train with. She lead me to Our
Furry Friends and Cherie Maitland. Chance loved Cherie
at first sight and he also learned to have some patience
and respect for me totally from our working consistently
with Cherie.   

Cherie was a very fair and patient trainer with Chance.  
She even did housecalls for us. I could not get him to sit
and quit barking when someone came to the door. After
only one hour at the house, Cherie had Chance watching
her and he was quiet when asked to be.  

Chance and I 100% recommend Cherie for a trainer. She
was all and more than we were looking for. Chance has
gone on to win Crufts Best in Show in England. He has
won Best of Breed 2005 & 2006 at the Westminster Kennel
Club in NYC. He also is a multiple Best in Show and a Best
in Specialty winning dog. He had Elite and Excellent Agility
titles and stock titles. He is a TDI (Therapy Dog
International) certified dog and is presently in training for
tracking and competitive obedience training.   

Thank you to Cherie for giving Chance this great start in
life and the bounce forward in the performance career.

Nancy and Chance
BISS BIS AKC/ASCA Ch Caitland Isle Take A Chance
Angel is a one-year-old, rambunctious black lab, and has
been training with Cherie since he was three months old. Our
passion is travel and -- from the shores of Tahoe to the
beaches of San Diego and ranches in Nevada -- Angel's
newfound good behavior has allowed both of us to enjoy our
trips. We're looking forward to a lifetime of learning together.
From Puppy Kindergarten to Good Manners, Cherie's
classes have always been fun and productive. But most of
all, the Doggie Play Groups have helped Angel keep out of
trouble while socializing with other doggies. Cherie's been a

Karen (Angel's Mom) in El Dorado County
Charlie in his usual position after a rousing & fun
Thursday night large dog play group

My dog Charlie was overweight and bored. Coming to
Cherie's dog play group was the best thing for
both of us.
Charlie has already lost 8 pounds and loves his play pals. I
love and laugh every session and Charlie is a better
behaved, better trained dog that sleeps peacefully every
night now which means I get to sleep too! The sessions are
fun and a great way to meet other dog lovers!      

The Real Thing

"I have quite a bit of knowledge and a fair amount of experience in dog training. I have even
been a volunteer dog training instructor for my local AKC club. But when we adopted our
adolescent rescued Lab, I needed help! He was not well socialized to other dogs, and his
aggression. Cherie’s Feisty Fido class, private sessions with her, and her small,  well-
supervised doggie daycare and play groups have made a huge difference.
He now plays appropriately with a variety of dogs, and I have the enjoyed a wide variety of He
now plays appropriately with a variety of dogs, and I have the enjoyed a wide variety of
personalized instruction. I also enjoy working with someone who has a depth of experience
Cherie’s classes  - Obedience, Agility, Rally, and Freestyle. I enjoy the small classes and the
Cherie’s classes  - Obedience, Agility, Rally, and Freestyle. I enjoy the small classes and the
personalized instruction. I also enjoy working with someone who has a depth of experience
and knowledge in the field of dog training and behavior. Cherie also has the creativity and
openness to try new approaches and solutions. There are a lot of folks out there claiming to
be trainer/behaviorists - Cherie is the real thing."   

M.L. El Dorado County
Nancy and her beloved dog Torch
a good time working with my dog.  Her skills and training
techniques are excellent, but her enthusiasm and upbeat
competition.  In addition, the bonding my lab/golden mix,
Torch, and I have experienced has been phenomenal!  It
has made all the difference in Torch's eagerness to
learn, his attention to me and what I expect/want from
him, and his joy while working. I highly recommend
Cherie and Our Furry Friends for all your dog training

These 3 exuberant labs have
earned the toss of the toy.
Good boys!
When I first met Alan, he instantly impressed me with his knowledge and passion for dogs.  I had just recently found
myself a new puppy. She was incredibly cute but also quite opinionated. It had been many years since I had a puppy and I
have to be better than the average dog.

So I took Alan’s eight week puppy class. Alan is a great teacher to both the canines and people alike.  He has a tremendous
knowledge about dogs and their behaviors from having and working with so many different dogs over the years. Each week
when he introduced a new behavior, Alan would have several distinct examples of how different types of dogs would respond
to the training. Also each week, he would inquire if anyone in the class had issues with their puppy.  Alan always had at least
one or more suggestions on how to handle the concern.

Alan’s love and compassion for the puppies showed every time he worked with them. He used positive reinforcement, treat
and clicker training to help condition the desired behavior. All of the puppies responded easily and quickly to his coaching.
Alan’s own dog Nellie was on site as a demo dog. He had taught her a variety of tricks to show off with.

Alan’s puppy class gave my girl a great start in her education. Since then, I have taken several obedience and agility classes.
The foundation and bond I formed in puppy class has allowed my continued success. Also, I took a class recently from Alan
Real Life with Real Dogs. Again, I enjoyed working with him. He helped correct some small bad habits that I had
I would highly recommend Alan St. Andrew as a dog trainer.  He has abundant knowledge and expertise in working with dogs
and their owners.    
science and of the subtleties of the human/dog relationship. This, combined with her decades of
experience and sound instincts allow her to perform accurately and quickly to achieve results! She also
adores the dogs.

I've taken my silly, sweet Springer boy to her for some focus and confidence work successfully. My
sister's rescue Pyrenees Mix who came with some very scary dog aggression has been almost
completely transformed over about four months. She has softened and settled successfully into her new
home thanks to Cherie and Alan, another excellent trainer there - I've used both Cherie and Alan - they
both are extremely knowledgeable, effective, kind hearted and impeccably honest in their business
dealings. Please be careful who you take your dog to, they could get harmed with a bad or inexperienced
trainer.....for their sake, make sure you use a good one.
Thanks You-
Dale, Lynne and
Spencer Park