Training With Respect & Understanding
Transfers &
Refund/Transfer and Make-Up Policy:
·  If you cancel or transfer out of a class 7 or more days before the class start date, you will receive a refund or
credit less a $20 fee.
·  Less than 7 days and before class starts, there is a $30 refund fee or $20 transfer fee for holding your space.
·  If you transfer to a different class after the 1st class and BEFORE the 2nd class, the cost is $25 plus the cost
of the 1st class meeting whether you attended or not. No refunds after class starts.
·  If you are not satisfied with the class, talk with the teacher before the 2nd meeting to arrange for a full refund
or free transfer.
·  There are no make-ups. If it is an emergency, we will work with you. Sometimes there is room in another
class to make up your classes if you have missed more than one meeting of your class.

There are no refunds. If you are dissatisfied with your trainer and/or program, you can transfer your remaining
credit without a transfer fee, to another trainer at Our Furry Friends and/or service, or even to a friend or

We recommend signing up for an assessment prior to paying for a package to make sure that Our Furry Friends
Training is what you are seeking. Or to just pay a la carte for your first lesson if you are not sure if you want to
continue and not to sign up for a package.

There are no refunds. If you miss a day of reserved and prepaid day care and training, you receive credit for
half of the day care and full credit for the training. You can use the credit towards the following month. If you
want to use your credit for other services, there is a $15 transfer fee.

Your month long package is priced at quite a discount. If you do not continue your program, your refund will be
50% of the remaining credit. If you cancel your Jump Start and want to use another service, you can transfer
75% of the remaining credit.

If you miss a group that you have prepaid for and reserved, you receive a full credit towards the next month. If
you miss a second group meeting in the same month, you will receive half of your payment for that session, No
refund for play groups, and if you don't want to continue in the following month with the group, you can transfer
your credit to another service for a $15 transfer fee.

If you think you might miss more that a few groups in a month, you can always pay the drop-in fee, though this
will not guarantee a spot if the group fills up.


In certain circumstances, we have made exceptions. For instance ~ full refunds when a person's
beloved dog passes away. People have returned years later, and we have honored the remaining
sessions of their package at the initial purchase price, even if the prices have increased. Owner has
gotten sick or had a serious injury and we have started up again in a different class when they

If you think you have a special circumstance, we will do our best to work with you. As of February 2019,
we are slowly making payments on extremely overdue refunds ... mostly on packages where people
have chosen not to continue, rehomed their dog, etc ... Once those refunds - before our policies
became a little stricter - are repaid, our repayment time will reduce to the normal 4 - 8 weeks or sooner
if the funds are available. Refunds are typically given in the same form they were originally paid, ie
check, cash or PayPal.