Training With Respect & Understanding
Cherie and her beloved, well-trained dog Bear after passing Delta Pet Partners evaluation
Improving Your Dog's Behavior Without Aggression

Are you feeling frustrated with a pushy and demanding dog? Or
maybe you feel like you have to struggle with your furry one to get
them to cooperate? You're right - it doesn't have to be a chore.
Being the Leader of the Pack is often confused with being a bully
or forcefully dominating your dog. The old Alpha Roll technique has
been discovered to be based on a misunderstanding of canine
behavior and can o
ften create a fearful or even a more aggressive
dog or even an injury to you.

personally experience leadership as more of an intent, a sense
that someone capable, clear and fair, is in charge. Someone I
trust to guide me.

Think about people in your life that you have respected - they
don't have to throw their weight around with you, they often have
an inner quality and certain actions that invoke a feeling of
admiration and respect in you.

Our job is to become that for our dogs...

Are you clear with your dog? Are you consistent, fair and do you
follow through with consequences for your dog's behavior...Or
do you nag and does your dog learn that if they ignore you long
enough...you will stop saying "sit, sit, sit..."

You control your dog's access to just about any item or resource
that they desire
including your attention. You can require that
certain behaviors like a polite sit and eye contact earn things that
your dog treasures.

Contact Cherie Maitland at Our Furry Friends and learn how to
implement some simple steps to help your dog learn to respect you
and be patient and polite.
Private Lessons

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YOU & Your Dog Need
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Wouldn't it be great to
have a better-mannered
dog? Let's get started
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and whether a small
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