Our Locations:
  • Diamond Springs  -  Serves El Dorado & E. Sacramento Counties
  • Pine Grove & Jackson Area - Private Lessons & Train For Therapy Dog Visits
  • Ione for Dock Diving
  • Fair Oaks & Sacramento Area - Private Lessons
  • Nationwide - Online & Skype Lessons Plus Phone Consultations
    Does Your Dog Have Challenging Behavior Problems?
    Are you and your dog connected, and do you understand each other? Do you move through
    the world as a team or do your struggles include one or more of the following:
  • An out-of-control and obsessive dog?
  • Is your little furry companion a sweetheart - then comes unglued when friends visit?
  • Are you embarassed to take your dog on a walk or to the vet because of how they act
    when they see another dog?
  • Are your dogs fighting over you?
  • Is your dog refusing to follow your commands?

    Don't worry - there is help! Long-time dog trainer and behavior
    specialist, Cherie Maitland, owner of Our Furry Friends, offers
    personalized behavioral problem appointments plus small group classes.
    For over 15 years, she has used up-to-date, effective and humane
    methods to train all of the basics. Her expert help is available for
    problems such as anxiety, fearfulness, aggression towards people,
    dogs and cats, nuisance barking, and safety with kids. For more
    information on the private behavioral lessons click on Behavior Issues.
Nancy and her beloved dog Torch
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"I have taken dog training classes from numerous instructors &
learned a great deal over the years.  However, I have never had a
teacher whom I have learned more from than Cherie, nor have I
ever had such a good time working with my dog.  Her skills &
training techniques are excellent, but her enthusiasm & upbeat
attitude are what make her stand out from her competition.  In
addition, the bonding my lab/golden mix, Torch, & I have
experienced has been phenomenal!  It has made all the difference
in Torch's eagerness to learn, his attention to me & what I
expect/want from him, & his joy while working. I highly recommend
Cherie & Our Furry Friends for all your dog training needs!"  
    Welcome to Our Furry Friends Training!

Training With Respect & Understanding
Our Furry Friends Training offers classes, private in-home lessons and help with behavioral problems.
Photo Credit: Teri Mizuhara
Our Furry Friends
understands that
you have several
choices of trainers.

We hope that we
can earn your trust
and confidence by
spending time with
you on the phone
discussing your
needs and
answering your
questions or even
meeting for a free
brief appointment.

You are also
welcome to
observe our
training classes.
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512 Main Street, Diamond Springs
(same road as Pleasant Valley - just
sometimes called Main in downtown.)

Same phone number: 530-622-7877.