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These 2 high energy Terriers have responded well to Kris'
obedience training & Agility For Fun classes. The
Leader Headcollars
shown here on Kirby & Maggie have
helped a great deal too! This picture was taken at a Fun
Match with lots going on. This picture probably would look
very different if the Gentle Leaders weren't involved.

If you have a high-energy, very distractable dog, and
especially a large, heavy strong dog, the Gentle Leader may
be a helpful tool for you. I sell them and teach people how to
use them correctly and effectively.
Contact me to see if
your dog might be a candidate.
Kirby and Maggie Sporting Gentle Leader Collars
and Looking Like Their Very Cute Selves!!

    Sometimes people think that a Gentle Leader or Halti headcollar are muzzles to keep dogs from biting.  
    Headhalter users usually explain that no, their dogs are friendly, and that they are using the funny
    looking collar as a training tool. It better directs the dog's head, body and attention much like a halter
    can better control a horse, compared to just a rope around their neck. Headcollars are extremely helpful
    in keeping a strong dog who hasn't learned about walking calmly on a leash, from pulling you over.
    These collars often calm a hyper, nervous dog and can also be used to deal with jumping up, barking
    and aggression problems.

    The headcollar is designed to work with a dog's natural instincts. The nose loop plugs into a dog's way
    of signaling dominance and incorrect behavior to a subordinate, by grasping another dog's muzzle in an
    inhibited muzzle bite. The neck strap applies pressure (where the momma dog did) to the back of the
    neck. And even better, the headcollars don't put undue force on the throat.
    It often takes between 5 and 20 minutes to help a dog accept the collar. Done correctly, your dog will
    move through their possible resistance more easily. For a brochure on the Gentle Leader and info on
    acclimating your dog to it, contact Cherie Maitland at OUR FURRY FRIENDS TRAINING CENTER. Gentle
    Leader fittings are free, however learning to use the collar and helping your dog acclimate to it are
    considered a mini-appointment.

CAUTION: Never jerk or yank the leash when you are using the headcollar. Also you want to only use a 4 to 6
foot leash when your dog is wearing a Gentle Leader, never a long line or extend-a-leash.