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Diamond Springs Dog Sport Classes:

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Agility FUN-damentals:  6 wks/ 4 Dogs  
The first week or so of this class will focus on fine tuning your intermediate handling and obedience skills
with your canine companion. In each of the following weeks, we will introduce the handling skills needed for
jumps, tunnel, table and weaves. We will put together different courses. In the last week or two we will
add in front crosses as well as different ways of clearing the jumps.
$179    Class size limited to 3

Pre-Requisites: Very solid basic obedience skills - including loose leash walking in the presence of
other dogs, stay at 10 feet or more with mild distractions, come when called . . .  If you have not
taken classes here before, you will need to get the instructor's permission.  
Instructor: Cherie Maitand

Agility Fun for Puppies: 4 wks/4 Dogs
For young dogs 6 - 12 months who can walk on leash, sit and come when called. Great for building teamwork,
obedience and having fun!! We will practice the tunnel, table and low jumps.
$109 Instructor: Cherie
Maitland     RETURNS 2019

    Come get exercise with your dog!! In this unique class, explore Agility For Fun, Canine Freestyle, Rally
    Obedience and improve your dog's obedience! Class meets indoors, though on good-weather days we
    will also go for a walk around the neighborhood. Wear comfortable shoes, layers of clothing and bring
    drinking water. You can go at a comfortable pace for you and your dog. Strong leash and obedience
    skills required.
    $119   Instructor: Cherie Maitland

  • Class Returns 2019

    "Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance organized
    with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of
    a dog and handler team. Freestyle is an excellent discipline
    to illustrate the conformation and movement of the dog.
    The reach, drive and beauty of an athletic, trained dog
    moving to music can take one’s breath away." Quoted from
    Canine Freestyle Federation's website

    For more information on Canine Freestyle visit

    Check out Freestyle - it is included in the class:

Introduction to Nosework: 6 wks/5 Dogs
Geared for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages, Nosework (governed by the UKC) and K9 Nose Work®
(governed by the NACSW™), brings your dog’s natural scenting ability to bear in “practical fun” searching
for hidden scents indoors and out. Based on basic detection dog skills, this low impact activity builds your
dog’s confidence, burns their “excess energy,” reinforces the bond the two of you enjoy, and even gives the
basis for more practical applications in your day to day life.

This introductory class will teach you and your dog the basics of getting started in this sport, with plenty of
practice developing the skills involved, and information about how to get started in Nosework competitions
in the UKC and the NACSW™. NO PRIOR OBEDIENCE TRAINING IS REQUIRED! Please bring your dog
to class with a back-clipped harness to be used only for Nosework.
$179  Instructor: Alan St. Andrew

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