Introduction to Therapy Dog Visits:  

Thinking about doing Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy with your dog at nursing homes,
hospitals, schools and more? Learn about this wonderful field and take a partial pre-test with your
dog to see if the two of you are candidates yet.
$59  Instructor: Cherie Maitland  

OR Call to schedule a private session for $75

Preparing & Training for Therapy Dog Visits:  

After the group Introduction class or your own private research or lesson,
train your dog to pass your organizations Therapy Dog requirements test.
Learn more about what it takes for you to be a good handler and Team
Member! Desensitize your dog to meeting lots of strangers, other dogs,
being around wheelchairs, loud noises etc . . .Take another
$99    Instructor: Cherie Maitland

For more information on several of the organizations registering Therapy
dogs, visit their websites:

This is by no means an exhaustive list, though it can get you started.

Therapy Dog Classes & Info
Cherie visiting with her 14 year
old Border Collie mix - Pepper
in 2010.
Lend A Heart
are offered
Sacramento!!   2010
Our Furry Friends Training Center
484 Pleasant Valley Rd, Ste 2
Diamond Springs, CA
Across Street From Firehouse

Visit Obedience Classes in Diamond Springs
evaluation process. She started visiting with her registered
Therapy Dog Pepper in 2009. She has gone with either
Pepper, Bear, Lilly, and Miles to convalescent hospitals,
elementary schools, library reading programs with kids,
retirement living communities and memory care units.