Behavioral Problem Appointments:::
Embarassed and worried
about taking your dog on
a walk or to the vet
because how they act
when they see another

Are you nearing the point of
giving up on your dog? Or
maybe you just want to help
your fearful dog gain more
If you sign up and pay for a Behavioral Training Package right after your Initial
Evaluation Appointment is over, you will receive
10% off of the already discounted
Behavioral Training Package!!

After a thorough FREE phone interview to determine if Our Furry Friends and you and your dog
are a good fit, we will meet at the Training Center for an in-depth private session. We will identify
the issues and triggers and discuss an initial management plan to put into place while the training
program is going on. This is a more in-depth assessment with intensive strategic planning - developing
the beginning of a behavior treatment plan.

BEHAVIORAL TRAINING PACKAGE OF 4 Sessions: $459 ... or ... PACKAGE OF 6 Sessions: $670
Includes travel fees to work with you and your dog in the environments in which the behaviors are
occurring. If we determine that one or more preliminary sessions are needed to strengthen specific
obedience skills to the level necessary for successfully addressing the more serious behavioral issues,
and we do appointments here at the Training Center, you will be
credited for the travel fees not used.

Cherie Maitland, owner
of Our Furry Friends has
been working with
people and their dogs
with behviorl problems
for over 20 years.
She is also an AKC CGC
and previously a
Therapy Dog Team
through Delta
Society/Pet Partners,
and through Lend A

Alan St. Andrew - Canine
Communication Specialist and an AKC
CGC Evaluator  -  with his girl Nellie!

With a faith-based passion for helping,
an abiding love for dogs, and a gift for
“modeling” their inner life, Alan
empowers pet owners to get the
cooperative pets they dream of, by
understanding and meeting the
needs of their "pack."
    "Hi Cherie,
    I just want to thank you for all of your help and guidance with Darla. I know she still has a
    way to go, but I feel that we have made great progress. Your class was just what we both
    needed to gain the confidence to move on.

    When I first brought Darla home I started researching trainers in the area. I was quickly
    discouraged by all the dominance based training that seems so popular today.
    While trying to coax Darla into the building that first day, you told me 'She is like this
    because she is scared, not because I wasn't in charge. I knew I was in the right place.

    I look forward to working with you again. Thank you"

    Emmie and Darla

"I notice some relief from
the challenging issues folks
face with their dogs even
after just a few sessions of
teaching them how to deal
with and help improve their
canine companion's

Cherie with her beloved
Bear 2010.
Participate in a personalized private Behavior Problem Solutions Package  
with Behavior Specialist Cherie Maitland or Canine Communication
t Alan St. Andrew and in some instances, in a specialized small
group class. Ask about our WHAT'S THAT!? small group class for
fearful/undersocialized puppies/dogs.

Call to find out about how their extensive experience can help with the following issues:

  • Aggression Towards Other Dogs
  • Fearful Aggression Towards Strangers
  • Anxiety & Cautiousness
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Out-of-Control Behavior
  • Safety with Kids & Dogs
  • Barking & Chasing Bikes & Skateboards
  • Cat Aggression