Introduction to Rally Obedience - Private Lessons:
Rally is a fun way to build obedience skills in your dog while developing a sense of
This class introduces you and your dog to Novice Rally Obedience.
Whether you just want to learn something fun to do with your dog, or you are
interested in competing, this class is for you! Over the course of the class, you will
learn how to perform the actual Rally Novice signs. You will go through mini-courses
set up to practice the signs learned each week, which will also show you how to read
a course map. This will prepare you should you decide to compete in Rally
Obedience Novice.

Your dog should know how to heel, sit, and down on command. Please feel free to
bring treats, and a clicker if you use one!

If you decide to go and compete, we periodically offer Competition Rally Obedience
with Debbie Butterfield McMurdie.

$99 for 2 Private Lessons
Instructor: Cherie Maitland
Rally Obedience Private or
Group Classes