Training With Respect & Understanding
Puppy Biting Solutions:

Puppies bite because that's what they are programed to do. Canine teeth are great for killing prey, chewing
food, getting someone's attention, getting something appealing away from another puppy, and playing with
other puppies.

An early and extremely important lesson that you can teach your puppy in your first few weeks and months
together is what's called bite inhibition. Hopefully your puppy has already started learning this from their
littermates - too hard of a bite will cause a loud yelp from the other and the play may end, or at least pauses.

Dogs who do not learn this early lesson will often bite very hard the first time if they ever bite, causing  
damage. They never learned the proper bite pressure to use given their current situation.

To teach bite inhibition to your new puppy:

STAGE 1 - 1st 2-4 weeks (The shorter time for older pups, longer for younger)

* When your puppy softly play bite/teeths on your body, say a gentle "Ow!" and redirect them to a toy, Kong,
something safe they can chew.
* When your puppy clamps down hard on you - yell "Ow!!!" and walk away, taking your attention away from
them. If they follow you and do it again, yell again, though this time put them somewhere safe in a time-out.
They will learn that hard bites, lose their companions just like when they were itty-bitty babies.
* Find the correct volume and tone for your "Ow!" If they are escalating, you probably sound too much like a
squeaky toy. Experiment with deeper tones.


* Now that your puppy is getting older and they have learned that different pressures get different results, you
can start teaching them that teeth on humans is no longer acceptable. Depending on the pressure of the
puppy biting, you can vary the intensity and tone of your "Ow!"
* A gentle mouthing gets a mellow "Ow" and take your attention way from them.
* A harder bite gets a loud yell and a complete ignore, maybe even a "time-out" in a safe place.
* You can even use these techniques during play sessions with a toy with your puppy.

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