Lead By Following Series:
Getting your dog to "pay attention" to YOU, when there's so much going on around him, can be
frustrating. In this series of classes you will learn how to help your dog focus better and "think through"
high levels of arousal, important skills to master whether your dog is "just the family pet," a serious
competitor, or working dog.
 Instructor: Alan St. Andrew     Click Here for Schedule
7 Weeks, Maximum 4 Teams, $159 each level.

    1) Foundations - An introduction to the "building blocks" you'll be using to build a solid
    foundation for your dog's focused attention in real-world situations. Centered on your careful
    "reading" of your dog, these games are a fun way to give him the beginnings of "coping skills" for
    times when things are just "too much!"

    2) Building Focus - These games build on the foundation laid in the beginning class, moving into
    increasingly challenging levels of arousal while staying outside your dog's individual "arousal

    3) Focus In Action - Putting it all together, in these games you are working around other
    dogs who are working at the same time and in close quarters, fine tuning your teamwork and focus
    in active and fun activities.
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"Don't Touch" and great self-control. They
only ate the cookies on their paws when mom
said "OK!!"
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