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Introduction to Therapy Dog Visits:  
Thinking about doing Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy with your dog at nursing homes, hospitals,
schools and more? Learn about this wonderful field and take a partial pre-test with your dog to see if the
two of you are candidates yet.
$59  Instructor: Cherie Maitland  

OR Call to schedule a private session for $75

Preparing & Training for Therapy Dog Visits:  

After the group Introduction class or your own private research or lesson,
train your dog to pass your organizations Therapy Dog requirements test.
Learn more about what it takes for you to be a good handler and Team
Member! Desensitize your dog to meeting lots of strangers, other dogs,
being around wheelchairs, loud noises etc . . .Take another
$119    Instructor: Cherie Maitland

For more information on several of the organizations registering Therapy
dogs, visit their websites:

               This is by no means an exhaustive list, though it can get you started.

Feisty Fido: Small Group Class
Does your dog lunge & bark when they see other dogs when on leash? Are they fearful or just lacking
social skills? This program will help you help your dog relax when they see another dog & turn to you.
Must have prior work with trainer Cherie Maitland.  
Bring paper and pen for notes.  Instructor: Cherie Maitland 6 Weeks, $179  
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Click to Calm: Private Program
There are many things that can cause your dog to “flip out” at the sight of a person or another dog, and in
this private session package you will gain the mindset and skills you need to help him stay calm in those
situations, giving you that great dog who is “cool under pressure” that you always wanted.
Instructor: Alan St.Andrew   6 Private Sessions, $361

Brave Pups:
Bring your anxious, fearful puppy or adult dog to a 5-week behavioral class designed to help you and
your dog build your dog's confidence step-by-step. Learn how to use Classical Conditioning and
desensitization to help your dog feel braver and less worried. Explore a tunnel, meet new people, deal
with scary sounds and build comfort with wheelchairs, walkers etc. Learn how the quality of the
interactions is the most important and how more is not necessarily better. Age range 4 months and up
into adulthood.
LEAVE YOUR DOG HOME FOR 1st CLASS PLEASE. Bring paper and pen for notes.
Instructor: Cherie Maitland 5 Weeks, Max 4 Dogs,  $149

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dragged down the street? Older rescue dogs can have special training needs. This class is kept small