Are you embarrassed about your out of control dog on
walks or when your friends come over to visit?

Or maybe you're terrified that your dog will run out the
door and not come back?

We can help you trust your dog to sit and wait at an open
door, to sit politely to greet your friends, and to walk by
your side like the good-mannered dog you desire.

What are
your issues with your dog that you need help
Give us a call and we can discuss them, and how we
might go about replacing those sore spots with confidence
and enjoyment for both you and your dog!
The personalized Private Obedience Intensive
is offered at the Diamond Springs Training
Center and is based on your training needs.

Sometimes a group class is not convenient or
you desire more one-on-one help just with your
problem issues.

This 4-session one-on-one
INTENSIVE costs $289.   A $63 SAVINGS!!!

Do you maybe need just a few training tips or
maybe something even more extensive ... we
can customize a package just for you!!
Contact us today - we can help.

Or if you are dealing with more serious
behavioral problems,
check out our Programs
that will address aggression, fearfulness,
lunging at people and more.

Private Obedience Intensive
530-622-PUPS (7877)