Training With Respect & Understanding
Polite Sit to Greet - Doggie Door Manners Class
of building a reliable and polite sit in your dog. No more embarrassing jumping up
with dirty paws when friends come over. No more pawing at you to get your
attention. Help your dog learn that it is wonderful to sit to meet and greet people!

This class is geared to dogs who are enthusiastically jumping up and happy to meet people.
contact us if your dog is fearful and/or aggressive and we will help.
Instructor: Cherie Maitland   3 Wks, Max 5 Dogs, $88

  • 12/10 - 1/7, Sat Noon - 12:45pm  Skip 12/24 & 31
  • 2/21 - 3/7, 2017 Tues 5:15 - 6pm
  • To be announced

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"Dogs can have such a wide range of responses when people
come to visit. From the timid, frightened dog to the territorial
protector or the friendly “I want to jump on your head to greet
you!” All dogs need to be taught proper meet and greet
behaviors. This article is geared to training the dog who is
happy that company has arrived. Please
contact me if you
need help with more serious behavioral issues such as fear or
territorial aggression at the door.

So company is coming and you know that your dog is going to
be a handful and maybe even an embarrassment! This is not
the time to start training, since this situation would be one of
the most difficult. Kindergarten must come before high school -
so your dog needs to be taught the basic skills first. Here are
some steps to teach basic skills leading up to good doggie
door manners."

The rest of the article outlines - in an easy to read step-by-
step process - how to train your dog to sit to politely greet you
and others..

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