OUR FURRY FRIENDS c/o Cherie Maitland
PO Box 97                 
Pine Grove, CA 95665
Call 530-622-PUPS (7877)
Doggie Day Care goes up to 4 Dogs so
your dog doesn't get lost in the crowd
They are closely supervised so that they
have a fun and affection-filled day!!

Your Name:__________________________________Co-Owner Name:___________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________ City:___________________________Zip:_________

Home Phone:________________________________ Cell Phone:________________________________

Emergency Contact Person & Phone:______________________________________________________

E-Mail Address:_________________________________________________________________________

Dog's Name:________________________________ Breed/Mix:__________________________________

Dog's Age:_______________          Dog's Weight:_____________        Spayed/Neutered? ____________


Emergency Vet::_________________________Address:_______________________Phone:__________

REQUIRED SHOT DATES - Please attach copies of shot records

Last 2 DHLPP Vaccines: 1)____________   2)__________        Bordetella:__________________

(if over 4 months)_______________

SPECIAL NEEDS/REQUIREMENTS:_____________________________________________


DATES/MONTHS REQUESTED for DAY CARE ___________     _______________   

________________   _____________   ________________

Permission to Seek Veterinary Care:
I give Cherie Maitland or a representative of Our Furry
Friends, permission to seek emergency veterinary care for my dog, to transport my dog in a car if necessary,
and state that I will be responsible for all costs associated with the above care. I would like to put a cap of
$____on that care. Signed: __________________________  Co-Owner:_____________________________

Use of Bark Prevention Tools in the Event of Excessive Nuisance Barking: I give
Cherie Maitland permission to use a citronella and/or electronic bark and remote collars on my dog - only if
absolutely needed. Signed: ___________________________  Co-Owner:____________________________

WAIVER: I hereby release Cherie Maitland and Our Furry Friends, and any personal representative from
any liability associated with the training (if I have added on that option,) or transporting of my dog as well as
day care, walks and playtime for my dog at Our Furry Friends Training Center. This release of liability
includes risk of injury to people and animals, exposure to contagious disease, and loss, injury or escape of my
dog. I understand that I am exposing myself, my family and my dog to the possibility of a bite or injury by my
own or another dog. I certify that my dog is not vicious or aggressive.  I have read and agree to the Refund
Policy stated below.

Signature: _________________________________________________________________Date:_________


REFUND POLICY: If you cancel or miss a day of doggie day care - you receive a credit of half of the
day's fee since I have held the day for your dog. You receive credit for the total of the training
cost for that day if you have added on that option.

Payment to hold your space for the next months total is due at the end of the previous month.
For a coplete list of policies click on

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
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Please print and fill out form. Mail to the above address with your check written to
OUR FURRY FRIENDS for total of the month's fee.
Or you can drop it off.
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