Well-Supervised 4-Dog Daycare in Diamond Springs

  • Limited to 4 Dogs - So Lots of ATTENTION!!
  • Dogs play with one or more compatible dogs
  • Dogs are assessed before joining doggie daycare and are current on
    their DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccination if over 6 months
    Hours/Prices: Tues & Wed 8:30am - 5:30pm ~ $30 if reserved weekly
                            Thur 9:30am - 6pm ~ $30 if reserved weekly
                             Friday 8am - 6pm ~ $30 if reserved weekly

    COST and DISCOUNTS: We are a small operation and your dog is in small play
    groups for better supervision and safer interactions.

  • If you want to have your dog drop-in for the day and not pre-pay for a month
    and there is a spot open, cost is $35 for Tuesday - Friday.
  • 2nd dog from the same family coming on the same day receives 10% off.
  • Just need 2 or 3 hours while you do errands? Call for availability - then drop off
    your dog and SAVE!! ONLY $18.

    You can add on the TRAINING OPTION for $15 - $30/day. Dogs need to
    be crate-trained - we can help with this. Do you have a dog with
    Behavioral Issues ... then check out our Cautious Canine Day Care

PLEASE NOTE: At Our Furry Friends Day Care, dogs only play with other dogs
who are compatible size and temperament-wise. In addition to fun and exercise,
supervision and safety is emphasized!! Dogs must be crate-trained. We can help
with this. They rest in their crate in-between rousing and fun play sessions
throughout the day.

    If you miss a daycare day, you receive
    credit of 10. You receive credit for
    100% of prepaid training add-on cost.

    There are no refunds for day care - you
    may transfer your credit to another service.
Doggie Day Care
    530-622-PUPS (7877)