Training for Real Life in Your Neighborhood
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College-Prep for Puppies
  • Manage your puppy's daily schedule - play, train, pottybreaks, crate-training, teaching your puppy to
    be alone for short periods of time
  • Housetraining & puppy biting and other puppy issues
  • Teaching a loose-leash walk
  • Coming when called
  • Sit to meet & greet people
  • Socialization with people and other puppies
  • Using play to train good manners
$429 4 Privates SAVE $63

Level 1 - Becoming the Leader of the Pack & Real Life with Real Dogs
  • How to incorporate good manners training into your day-to-day life
  • Communicating with your dog more clearly and effectively using your tone and body language
  • Real-life skills which can include loading into the car, respecting off-limits rooms, wait at mealtime,
    doors etc.
  • Polite sit to meet and greet people
  • Loose-leash and enjoyable walks
  • Wait at doors/crates/kennels etc.
$429 4 Privates SAVE $63

Level 2 - Good Dog - Good Life & Becoming a Canine Good Citizen
  • Well-controlled heel especially in crowds
  • Stay and come commands
  • Improving your leadership and training skills
  • Building your dog's confidence around loud noises, strangers and lots of activity
  • Polite greeting at your front door
  • Preparing for the Canine Good Citizen test & take it for FREE!
$429 4 Privates SAVE $63

Level 3 - Fun With a Well-Trained Dog!!!  Pick from:
  • Rally Obedience
  • Agility For Fun - Only at Diamond Springs Training Center Subtract $80
  • Fun Games including Frisbee
  • Canine Freestyle
  • Conformation Handling
  • Animal Assisted Therapy with Your Dog
$429 4 Privates SAVE $63

Level 4 - Advanced Teamwork       
  • Higher level obedience training with increased distractions,and duration
  • Distance Down, down on recall
  • Off Leash Heel
  • Creating a stronger & more mutually satisfying bond with your dog - playing games and going on
    adventures with your dog - becoming an awesome team!!
$429 4 Privates SAVE $63

2nd Dog in Same Family on same level is 50% off training sessions. Ideal if there is a 2nd handler $176

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