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Do you need some more in-depth help with something specific like:

  • Setting up your home for your new puppy
  • Problems with housetraining and puppy biting
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Coming when called
  • Polite sit to meet and greet people
  • Crate training
  • Doggie door manners
  • Safety with your kids and a new puppy
  • Waiting at doors
  • AND MORE...

A phone consult/skype lesson is included in your puppy package. If
you would like to add one to your current program or just on it's
own, the prices are as follows. You can pay online using a credit card
with no PayPal convenience fees. Already in a training program with
Our Furry Friends?...then no charge for a basic question on
something that you are practicing.

20 minutes ~ $29        Mini
30 minutes ~ $39        Full
45 minutes ~ $50        Deluxe
60 minutes  ~ $75       Behavioral

OUR FURRY FRIENDS TRAINING CENTER: Call to discuss your situation with one of our helpful
trainers & receive guidance on which services would best meet your needs.

More In-depth Assessments can be done in person at the Training Center:
    * Which training class/private program would best help you and your dog? Get immediate training
    tips. Are the trainers at Our Furry Friends the best match for you, your family and dog? 45
    minutes $59
    * Having more serious behavioral problems with your dog? Aggression, anxiety, fear, fighting,
    chasing the cat, excessive barking etc... 80 minutes $110

Getting conflicting info from trainers, friends and family?

This is very common. Let's start with your FREE phone call and I will help you sort it out. This will also help you
decide if Our Furry Friends is the best choice for your next steps.
Call today and we can get started! Call
Cherie at 530-622-7877 or 209-304-5139.
Training With Respect & Understanding